Communicating in foreign languages is ever more important in today’s world and machine translations are not always the best solution. Nowadays almost all companies sell their products also abroad and this is why it is essential to be able to convey the right message in the right way with the right words. The right words for every single country. Because what can eg. be an obvious concept in Italian could be complete non sense in the northern part of Europe.

The same can be said of eventual legal controversies: in this case it is imperative to have correct (legal) translations without grey zones that could be interpreted differently depending on the language.


About me

I have been exposed to different languages and cultures since the age of four. I have lived in Vienna, Austria, and Helsinki, Finland, where I went to the German school.

Thereafter I studied in my hometown, at the University of Trieste. After some years working as an administrative employee for a German company, where I was amon others responsible for translations and correspondence with foreign clients, I returned abroad, this time to Australia where I stayed for one year.

Back to Europe my husband moved to the Netherlands and I followed my real vocation: being an intermediary between people who do not speak a common language. I had started my official education in translating and interpreting which culminated in my Masters degree in Interpreting and Translating from the University of Bath.

The MA enabled me to work as a conference interpreter for the European institutions in Brussels. In 2003 I finally moved back to Holland where I continued my activity of translator, business interpreter and Italian and German language tutor until present. .

I live in a green village on the outskirts of Rotterdam, Europe largest port, with my husband, two children and a cat.



My qualifications:


German and Finnish secondary school diplomas – Reifeprüfung and Suomen ylioppilastutkinto
University degree in Political Sciences specialisation in international affairs and institutions
MA in Interpreting and Translating
Cambridge Proficiency Certificate
Official diploma of Dutch as a Second Language NT2

Italian classes


Italian and German language classes in the Rotterdam area.

Do you live in the Netherlands and you go often to Italy o in a German speaking country for work or vacation? Do you want to learn how to speak Italian or German and learn the customs and habits of these countries ? Contact me for individual classes or group lessons. Can be organised in the comfort of your home or at your company’s place. 

Translations and Interpreting


A translation has to convey the message it must not be the literary translation of mere words. When reading a translated text one should never even suspect it to be a translation: it should read as fluent and as well as the original text.

The majority of my clients are translation agencies and companies active on the Italian market. Most texts I translate are, due to my education and professional experience with the EU, legal texts, contracts, patents, call for tenders, judicial sentences but also commercial texts such as turistic publications a.o. for the city of Helsinki and travels in Lapland, and texts on mechanical, civil and shipbuilding engineering.

Lexiverb offers translations from English, Dutch, German and Finnish into Italian and vice versa. With a network of highly qualified language professionals you can be sure of receiving high quality and accurate translations.


My true vocation: help people who do not have a common language understand each other. Do you own a company and you want to contact your customers or distributors in the Netherlands, Belgium or Rhinland Palatinate? You have to negotiate and it is really important for you to be clearly understood ? You can contact me and i twill be as if you were talking directly to your client. I will also assist you in the post-negotiating phase with translations and general correspondence.